Applying for the G.Roger Bailey
   Classical Guitar Scholarship

he G.Roger Bailey Classical Guitar Scholarship is awarded to a talented California Central Coast guitar player who is ready to pursue a dedicated study of the classical guitar. Scholarship funds are used to pay for lessons from an accomplished classical guitar instructor selected by the student and the administrator.

   The aim of the scholarship is to promote interest in, and preserve the art of, the classical guitar.

   Scholarship applications may be sent at any time; however, applications will not be reviewed until an opening for a new student becomes available. Scholarship positions become open on an irregular basis, as candidates remain in the program based upon administrator evaluation and their own desire. You might want to re-send your application upon hearing that a position has become open.

   Candidates will be considered regardless of age, religion, sex or ethnicity, but selection is based solely upon the discretion of the scholarship administrator.

   Prospective students should first read the expectations for scholarship students section.

Apply for the scholarship with a .pdf application here:   GRB scholarship application
(The .pdf is the preferred method.)

If you do not have Adobe PDF reader, you can get it here:   Adobe Reader

If for some reason you cannot use .pdf files, fill out an online application using the form here.