Coalesce Bookstore

Linna Thomaswner Linna Thomas opened the original Coalesce Bookstore in 1973, near where The Blue Sail Inn now stands on Harbor Boulevard. The Coalesce moved to its current location in 1982.

   The store is composed of two venues; The bookstore — which is in front, facing Main Street — and the chapel in the gardens behind Coalesce where concerts and other gatherings are held.

   The chapel was designed by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo architectural students as a school project, and was built by a group of local carpenters and fishermen willing to work for beer and pizza.

   This modest structure has been the site of many wedding and musical events. The building, which holds approximately 60 people, has walls of great artistic design and is surrounded by a welcoming garden.

Sherri and Joanne   Linna, manager Sherri Hereford and program coordinator Joanne Hand have been hosting musical events and supporting the musical arts locally and beyond since the store opened at its current location. Coalesce helps to sponsor the SLO Jazz Federation, the Central Coast Guitar Society, San Luis Obispo Folk Society (SLOFOLKS), Steve See’s musical “Hoots”, The G. Roger Bailey Classical Guitar Scholarship, and many of their own concerts.

   Coalesce Bookstore and Chapel and its staff have always been a great support to The G. Roger Bailey Classical Guitar Scholarship.

The Coalesce Bookstore and Chapel on Main Street in Morro Bay, Calif.

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Chapel entrance Inside chapel Chapel front Chapel wall
Chapel wall Inside bookstore Inside bookstore Inside bookstore

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