Expectations for students

he first phase of the scholarship includes the study of music and public performance and the responsibility to the classical focus of The G. Roger Bailey Classical Guitar Scholarship.

The focus of study the first six months of the scholarship will be to become familiar with classical music including the periods of Renaissance, Baroque, classical, Romantic, etc.

As the scholarship is a local performance-based scholarship, students must live within in the Central Coast area.

The student must give a preview performance before select donors every three months.

he second phase of the scholarship requires the study of one era and its composers. It will be the student’s choice as to whether the student focuses on a sole composer. The continued effort in public performance and responsibility to the classical focus of the scholarship is still of utmost importance to the student and the scholarship.

At the end of every six months – at the discretion of the scholarship administrator and instructors – the student will give a public performance. The $15 donation for attendance at the performance will go to further the activities of the scholarship.

hree-month performance previews: The performances will be given in an intimate setting for an audience of select donors. These performances are not generally open to the public, family members of the student or other supportive participants, as the purpose is for the scholarship administrator and instructors to evaluate the performance of the student in a setting unfamiliar to the performer. The donors and other participants are to give the student constructive criticism concerning the performance and other aspects of the presentation.