The G.Roger Bailey
   Classical Guitar Scholarship

he G.Roger Bailey Classical Guitar Scholarship is awarded to a talented California Central Coast guitar player who is ready to pursue a dedicated study of the classical guitar. Funds will be used to pay for lessons from an accomplished classical guitar instructor selected by the student and the scholarship administrator.

   The aim of the scholarship is to promote interest in and preserve the art of the classical guitar.

   The curriculum will include the student picking a piece from each era — including the Baroque, Renaissance, classical, etc. — and preparing for a concert at the end of the first six months. In the second six months, the student will select composers from one era and prepare to give a concert based upon their works at the end of that time.

   Every three months, the student will go through a scholarship review for the administrator and a few donors in order to assess progress. After six months, the student will give the previously described concert recital. At that time, the instructor and administrator will determine if enough progress has been made for the student to receive another six months’ funding.

   Lessons will continue until such time as the instructor and administrator feel students are ready for further guitar enrichment.

   Those interested in becoming scholarship students should read the following:

Expectations for students

A word from the administrator