A word from the administrator

Charlotte Bailey have been asked many questions in the seven years since the inception of the scholarship. The one that seems to be asked most frequently is, “Why don’t you have bigger venues and charge more money for people to see these great performers who come to perform your benefits?”

I have pondered this for some time.

It had always been the desire of both Roger and myself to bring great classical guitar music to people as passionate about it as we were. A stumbling block for so many fans has always been the cost to attend great live performances by wonderful performers. Hence the small venues and as minimal a charge as we can make it, in order to keep the students funded for instruction between benefits.

In actuality, the professional musicians are the ones who support The G. Roger Bailey Classical Guitar Scholarship, through their performances for the benefit of the scholarship students and benefactors. Many of these musicians were Roger’s friends, who wished that at the beginning of their careers they'd had a similar financial opportunity to pursue this great music.

The $20 donation from each person who attends one of the scholarship’s small benefit concerts makes it possible for the scholarship to provide students lessons at least four times a month until the next benefit. And of course there are always those who reach into their pockets and add a bit more to push us financially forward.

The object of the scholarship is not to make lots of money and become so big that it will lose sight of the original concept. I realize it is small, but it is accomplishing huge feats, in its own small way, toward the enlightenment of the public to the wonderful experience that is the enjoyment of live performance of classical guitar music.

Charlotte Bailey